Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Early Birthday Wishes to the Best Dad Around

I am not entirely sure how it's already the end of July, but that means it's time for my dad's birthday. Or as I like to call it, one of the hardest days of the year.

Birthdays, by definition, celebrate ones birth, which is excruciatingly hard when that person has passed away.

Spending the weekend at home this past weekend {and nabbing a first place AG race win in the local 10k} really brought me back from the ledge. The ledge, as it pertains to my dad is just a place of confusion and sadness and is a place I find myself when an anniversary, birthday or holiday is near. Spending a long weekend around my mom {and getting a lot of sleep} really help me.

It's been 7 years - thats 7 freaking birthdays - we have had to forego buying my dad amazingly awesome boxers. Wait, are boxers even still made - I mean, we haven't helped that market in 7 years. Haha!!

It's been challenging without my dad and yet, since we had no choice in the matter, been very prideful knowing the three of us are unbreakable.

My mom and I have been having dreams that include my dad where he is there but just out of reach. She dreamt she couldn't reach him while he was in front of her, whereas I saw him in the crowd of a race cheering for me but I just couldn't get to him. THATS HIM SAYING HI!

We both believe he's around - my brother too - but we'd love more visits!

Happy early birthday dad! I've eaten my fair share of M&Ms this week just for you! We LOOOVE you!

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