Enjoy the CrAzE of the Holidays

Christmas Eve!! There are few things worse than traveling for the holidays - what, with the crowds, the heightened stress levels,  the delays, the "holy shit I'm late, gotta sprint...." folks and the ones who way overpack and spill over into your space. despite best efforts, its always chaos.

However, as i sit on a very crowded train, coffee in hand, i revel in the fact that I have somewhere to go for the holidays. sure, being in a house with a dozen people (including 3 kids/babies) plus 4 dogs is sure to create personality meltdowns or arguments, messes and spills and indecision for which movie we should watch -- i know one thing is for sure: i wouldn't change a thing. this is life. the messy, hilariously chaotic, disorganized adventures are all part of life. and I'm fucking lucky to experience it.

I look forward to running and working out back home -- or wherever we are outside of NYC. it clears my head, keeps me centered and offers me the ability to appreciate the moment.

I admit, i get antsy on the train ride home. 3 hours always feels like a long time to sit still -- but i am grateful to look forward to baking and decorating cookies, making and enjoying a fire, playing Christmas songs and spending time with those that matter most. its worth a few hours of boredom :)

Happy holidays to my nearest and dearest. Its been a hell of a year - and i am thankful you are in my life. Family is everything - and i cant wait to spend the next few days being humored, entertained, annoyed and loved by mine!!