are you there god, its me hilary

when you sit and think about it, i mean really think about it, life is so interesting. and without getting all profound and philosophical, life really is strange. more than anything, i enjoy watching people. its so intriguing to watch people do anything...walk down the street, talk on the phone, eat, run, interact. we are all human, and yet soooooooooooooo vastly different. the beauty in that is that i have realized that no matter what stupid, funny, outrageous or crazy thing i do in life, someone has done something wayyyyyyyyyyyy stranger, more annoying, or funnier. i love that!

so, god, all is ask is that you continue to help us through this journey. i think its time we were thrown a bone. win the lottery? ill take it. land a great job? sure. crush on a cool guy? um, yea do that every minute of every day, but ill always take more! just more of the same too. happiness, love, comfort and ease. so thanks. to you and everyone. the people in my life are there for a reason. so thanks. (even if im not always heard)