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here's how you know you are growing up...

you wake up in the morning, regardless of your alarm going off. don't you hate that? you get so used to your routine that on the weekends your body is telling you at 8 in the morning that you have already “slept in.” 8 in the morning! geez, that used to be the crack of dawn in college!

mornings are not the same without that initial cup of coffee. somehow redbulls, monsters, mountain dew are just not great choices anymore unless you want to sit in front of your computer shaking involuntarily. that one cup of coffee at the office officially starts your day and you are “ready” to work!

making lunch dates is now an option. since you do get that one hour break in your day now, you might as well put it to use, right? it is the perfect amount of time to do have a “coffee shop” date. you know. go for coffee, and if things are normal enough, venture off to dinner. if only this would have worked in college I would have saved A LOT of time!

talking about favorite TV shows is a great topic of conversation. let's face it though. if you have a good sense of humor, talking about TV shows has always been an option. Now it's different. talking about a TV show at work is a means to connect with coworkers. that is how clicks are formed.

after a few drinks, all you desire is your TV and your couch. going out is no longer automatic, it is a process. to decide where to go, when to meet, who to meet, and how to get there. if either one of these steps is a problem, you figure it's just easier to plan for another time.

inevitably, everyone who is younger than you seem way younger and the people who seemed way older are no longer “that” old. this becomes very apparent when you are at a club. people bumping into you goes from “whatever” to an annoyance.

sundays are no longer “recovery” days. you now wake up at a reasonable hour and can get things done. go and visit people. make dinner plans. catch up with friends.

finally, you know you are growing up when you no longer miss those things that used to occupy or better yet waste your time. if men reach this point by the time they are 30, they are in good shape. if women don't reach this point by 30, they are living in denial!


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