hey its ok...

sometimes i come across these little pages in magazines and i loooove them. soo cool and inspirational. and quite frankly i agree. this one tells you things its ok to think, do, not do, etc.

...to only paint the two nails that are on show in your peep-toes

...to think about your eBay bid during sex

...if you have never quite mastered that public-toilet hovering move

...to dump a perfectly nice guy. so what if he is kind, responsible and his ancestors all had full heads of hair? that does not make him right for you.

...to delete any email that pops into your inbox with a subject line beginning FWD: FWD: FWD:

...to own more eyeshadow than you can possibly wear in one lifetime

...to skip the whole "i hope we can still be friends" charade. you have enough friends

these types of fun things will be a usual post for my blog. i love seeing what i agree with, what i do not, etc.