life must be a woman...cause she can be such a bitch.

ha! that post title cracks me up. totally made that up as i was typing. but you have to admit...its pretty true.

its beginning to feel a lot more like i live in southern cal these hot hot hot! its tough to sleep with it being so hot (no AC), work in an office that has poor/sometimes no AC (yea, the boys are miserable!!!)...but i love it! loooooooooove it!!

there is not better feeling in the world then driving home after work when it is still bright light out! doesnt it just do something to your mood? that said, i must admit, ive been thinking a lot about dad recently. i mean, like all the time. i feel such a heaviness in my heart sometimes that seeing a girl and her dad together, or hearing a sappy song, or going for a run really bring it into the forefront. he was such a vital part of my life, and i am so thankful we were so close for so long. the open scar i am left with is what i am having a tough time understanding...

ok ok, back to happiness. hope you all are having a good day at work and are going home soon! lord knows im ready! haha...


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