this is one bitch i could get behind...

i hope you already know her...and love her, but if not, here is an intro. she is a loud-mouthed, brass tv host who tells it like it is. who is she? wendy williams. she is a bitch, and owns it. she is strong, brash, crass and funny. i recently came across a fun little article of hers in glamour magazine where she details her dos and donts (of pretty much life in general). so here goes:

DO take the time to learn how to hammer a nail and replace a flat. and...

DONT call your ex or your daddy if you dont know how. put on your bug-girl panties and figure it out. or go to do!

DO become an expert at the art of the seven-minute conversation. theyre the reason talk shows are so entertaining - and you may learn some jewels.

DONT share your complete financial pitcure with your man. it is, after all, your money, and if hes good to you, youll share...maybe.

DO believe in the sisterhood, and know that not all women want yout style, your job, your life or your lover.

DONT trust any one person with all your secrets. learn to become your own best friend.

and there you have it. some lifestyle tips from one badass woman. i like them. though i will be someone who has had a flat tire before...i fully support AAA and do not feel the need to pretend like i can do a better job than these guys. theres a reason we are a part of this incredible, incredible, incredible program. and i make no apologies for it.

any lifestyle tips you particular like? would you add to this list? i have sooo many fun tidbits you pick up along the way.