just a few things on my mind

1. i dont get why its called twitter. what the hell is "twitter". im not judging the fact that people do it, but where the hell did the word come from. i cant be the only one who thinks this...
2. family and friends really are all that matter. a fun job, a cool apt and tons of money are all extras.
3. if you cant tone it, tan it! :)
4. dear chelsea handler: you used to be funny. i liked you. i watched your show. what the hell has happened. i find your show rather boring these days, or at least the one time i have seen it within the last few weeks. 
5. i dont find twilight intriguing or any other vampire show on tv. just dont.
6. yes i am still boy crazy. i hope i never lose that. i am able to balance it with real relationships, but silly little crushes are super fun.
7. monogamy is possible, if you want it to be. (i hope by saying this its true) haha.
8. i have a lot of friends that are on eharmony. some are dating or in relationships. kinda makes me weary of #7. haha.
9. i think i fell in love twice yesterday. both times in my apt elevator. (ok, not really love. but the boys were cute. cute!!)
10. i dont care what brad and angelina are up to. they wanna adpot 67 more kids...who cares. mel gibson? jesus. tiger woods? gross. this list could go on forever...
i will continue to post lists like this because a) its totally fun and entertaining, and b) i have lots of opinions! yay.