today is a very special day.


my dad is 57 today. i think one of the entertaining things about life is how perception changes. take age, for example. when you are 7 or so, your babysitter seems so old! at 16, or 18 (of if you were me, 14) you were still a baby yourself. just for the record, i cant believe so many families let me babysit their kids at such a young age. haha. oh, memories.

then, you turn 16. you think youre so mature, so cool. so ready for cell phones, dates, the mall, cars. you think youre parents are lame. you know it all. anything you do is cool. you need all the coolest clothes. (this being abercrombie and gap). you want to drive to concerts with your buds, drink, smoke maybe, etc. basically, just drive the world crazy.

being a college freshmen sounds so young. turning 21 seems crazy mature. 25 even more so. at 26, i feel good about where i am, but it sounds "old". i look at my brother, who, at 30, seems super young. i mean that in the sense that 30 seems younger than 26. doesnt make sense, just my perspective. from there it gets fuzzy. i look at pictures of my family and all my aunts and dad especially redefine age. my parents look way younger than their 50s, aunts and uncles too.

age is just a number. it doesnt make you smarter, funnier, skinnier, wiser or more understanding by default. you have to work at those things. you have the opportunity to always work on yourself and these things. i love that.

at 57, my dad has more spunk, ambition, selflessness, wisdom, jokes, personality and drive then people half his age. he was just that way. he isnt physically here anymore, but i know he is up there looking down and he is all those things.

ok, now that i have done some reflecting, its time to get to the real reason for this post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDIO. i love you so much and wish you were here. you are the most amazing man, and i am forever grateful for you. im one lucky are one hell of a dad. i love you!!!!!!!