11 days

moved in 11 days ago. crazy!! it honestly feels as though it has gone super fast, but i know how much i have been through in the past 11 days. my emotions have been all over the place. ive done a lot of thinking (thank YOU no cable and internet)....haha.

its feeling a lot more like home now. mom was here last weekend and gave it her touch. YESS! thanks mom!! you are THE BEST, as we know. i now have cable and internet, and pics and paintings are hung. i have a few more things im planning to do, but a home is a process...and im in no hurry to "finish".

friends have seen it, mom has been here, and a housewarming party is being planned. flick and i get together all the time (living 3 blocks from your best bud is pretty great) and i pretty much fall in love with every cute boy i pass on the street, subway, or grocery store (what else is new!).

life is a process. its hard, its fun, its hurtful, its funny, its honest. all of it, all the bad, all the good, all the ugly and all the beauty is worth it. i know that to be true. for someone like me who is such a spaz, i sometimes struggle with all sorts of things, but my family and friends keep me grounded.



Anonymous said…
Yea! WOW 11 days, I bet its going pretty quick. You have to put up some pics! You and your mom are always so good at decorating. You should totally get one of those jobs that decorates the store windows! You would be awesome at that!