happy halloween!

its that time of year again! halloween is such a funny, crazy holiday. we went out last night, and the sight on the subway was RIDICULOUS. there was a unicorn, 2 girls that were pieces of bread (they kept sandwiching people...it was sooooooooooooooooo funny!!), a zombie, etc. i love how people get into it...what an absurd day, right??

the one thing i cant get comfortable with is masks. to get to the party we were going to, we had to walk a little ways down a pretty dark street. coming toward us was a dude walking alone in all black with the most terrifying mask on that i have ever seen. im typically not ok with those. otherwise, i think its hilarious.

anyway, i ended up being a cat and ali was alice (in wonderland). i took a pic of us getting ready.

ali and i had gotten together earlier in the day to costume shop. note to self: costume shopping the day before halloween SUCKS. haha. we stood outside the shop for 20 minutes like we were in line to get into a bar in college. they were on the 1 in, 1 out, system. whaat?!

anyway, i opted for a cat. costumes are SOOOO expensive, so were trying to think of cute ideas without spending $50+....which, sadly, is very hard to do. oh, also, we wanted to wear clothes, not be "slutty" anything. they didnt have just cat ears by themselves, so i got this little kit thing that came with ears, a tail, collar, and cuffs. we decided it had to be somewhat of a sex-kitten thing....i didnt wear the cuffs or collar. yea, NO. also, my tail and ears had pearls on them. not sure why, but i went with it.