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tomorrow is november

holy shit. tomorrow is november. 2 weeks until my birthday. i will be turning 25 (again!?)...haha!!

nah, just kidding, ill be 27 years young. pretty hard to believe. seeing all these little trick-or-treaters brings me back to when i was 6. and, well, last year. im lucky my friends and i havent outgrown the simplicities in life. everyone likes candy...and halloween allows us to binge on a bunch, and not feel bad about it. you can never outgrow sugar highs, chocolate bars and anything rainbow-colored. no sir.

in talking with my mom, i most definitely dont look at kids and wish to be that. i like getting older...i like being able to state my opinion, and make decisions. i like being a contributing member of society. life in your 20s is a mish-mash of confusion, hormones, stubbornness, fear, and all-around angst. though i am not going to miss this, i do know that it is part of the journey.

im excited for that next chapter...the boyfriend (i know, i know, who am i!?!), and settling down a bit.
what i find difficult is that i like to live my life the way i feel i need, workout, see friends, etc. i like to do certain things, eat certain things, run at certain times, etc. i know this is true for everyone, and i just hope i can find a gem of a boy to fill in my puzzle. that is key, right?! i mean if you are going to date someone, he has to compliment you or itll never work.

well, i do have feelers out, and a crush (or several?!). ahhh yes, boys.

coming up on my 27th birthday, i feel good. i feel like i have seen so much, accomplished so much and been really open to life. i have given different cities, jobs, people and opportunities a chance, and have really grown into my shoes. at 27 i feel like i know who i am. i know what i like and i know how to be a great friend. im excited because i have so much more to learn, see and meet, but i like where i am headed. and, although i hate being cold, im excited to be back on the east coast.

the big apple has proven interesting to get used to. its a whole 'nother planet in terms of how things work. you have to take public transportation everywhere (um, yea, hopping in the car and grabbing groceries doesnt exist), and figuring out which subway to grab in which direction and switching platforms has been hilariously ridiculous. i am my own version of a really bad reality show. but thats ok.
if i can live in LA, NYC, philly and countless others, as well as get through the death of my dad, i an do anything. im not really phased by anything. cause i can do it. need the proof. its all there.

well im going to sign off, but not before i wish my little bloggie a happy birthday month! pretty exciting.

happy halloween all! xoxo


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