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a rarity: a to-dont list

december is typically a pretty frantic month. holiday shopping, baking, work, socializing, eating a lot, and doing all the normal life things that need to be done. needless to say, you probably dont need more items to add to your to-do list. fret not, as i am happy to share with you some things you dont need to worry about this month (courtesy of our friends at health magazine).

* feeling bad about exchanging that present you totally hate. thats what gift receipts are for!

* bird poop facials - actually offered at some spas. no matter how radiant your skin might look afterward, its still bird poop, and its still on your face! theres no shame in staying with the core spa menu, like a nice Swedish massage.

* sticking to your diet at Christmas dinner. OK, so you shouldnt do a face-plant in the sweet potato casserole and eat your way out, but its one day, people. we say eat what you like and get back to normal when the world isnt awash in rum-soaked cake.

* getting glam for the gym. even kelly ripa says she works out without her makeup and padded bra. were with kelly: its not like were going to burn more calories by having perfect hair.

* breaking up with ben and jerry. so what if a few ingredients are not quite all natural? lets get real - its ice cream, not health food!

* forcing yourself to wear the jeans style du jour, whether its skinny, high-waisted, or boyfriend. knowing what looks good on your body and sticking with it shows true personal style.

* fillers for your feet. a New York City podiatrist is injecting facial filler into the balls of womens feet to help make it less painful to sport skyscraping stilettos. for the same money ($1000 per foot - and it lasts less than a year!), you could buy a whole wardrobes worth of sexy, comfy kitten heels instead.

armed with a few to-donts this month, you are now humored enough to get going on the to-do list. happy  TO-DOing!!


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