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happy december

WOW! december 1st.

its funny, ive been doing a lot of comparisons in my head these past few months...comparing what ive been up to here in new york versus what i was doing this same time last year in los angeles. with me starting the years relatively during the same time, i see it happening a lot this year.

moving to new york, which has proven to have its own challenges for sure, was a great decision. i am 3 blocks from my best friend, and in a city with a lot of my favorite people. (and a few hours in any direction from a lot more).

my life/time in LA has a special place in my life and heart. i made the decision to move to LA to find some closure on some things, get away from others, and prove something to myself. even though i know i succeeded in this, i still struggle with feeling good enough. little by little, we are working on this (i have informally hired ali and ryan to coach me with life)...our stories, advice and date nights are ABSURD and i love every second of it. i am really blessed with such amazing friends....and i am still laughing about the other nights discussion. maybe even still blushing :) haha....

on another note, spending a few days home in lancaster was hilarious. i road tripped it home with a few buddies and it was hilarious. we had dinner and went out to party. we bar hopped college-style all over lanc. it was a lot of fun.

long story short, thanksgiving day was great. we spent it with cathy and eric. LOVE THEM! we played games, and just laughed so hard. we talked about dad and her husband who we lost. it was nice.

friday was more craziness, when we also went out. we met a lot of new people and met up with some old faces. im a bit love sick over a crush i may have been harboring for a very long time.

just to paint a picture of how our night started, amanda, ali and i walked in to the bar and a man came up to us and said "my wife sent me over to buy you three drinks." he put $100 on the table, did shots with us, got us champagne and the night began. it was all hilarity from there (after some confusion on our part about why a wife would send her husband to buy drinks for young girls, but after we overcame our cynicism we had fun with it). turns out it was her boss and she was setting him up cause hes an ass.

hope thanksgiving was great for everyone. i cant wait for christmas break. and new years. im hoping this year will be something special :)


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