happy valentines day!

ahh yes the day we celebrate love. 

i think my best valentine to date still remains freshmen year in college. he was the best.BEST.
the worst valentine i have had to date was from 2009. WORST.you all know the story...and the boy.

i get annoyed when people complain that its a hallmark holiday and its too commercial. relax people...its fun to buy into cutesy love things and candy hearts (however, i draw the line at plush bears at duane reade). im sorry, but NO. men i saw in line there last night...horrible taste. im sure youre lovely people, but im dissapointed.

i invite a reason for the population to buy into a theme...its fun! a reason to say i love you, eat chocolate and smile at everyone. enjoy it and drop the cynic inside yourself. you need to do some soul searching if you really concern yourself that something like valentines day is too commercial, im sorry.

i know im a day late...i was busy helping cupid spread the love. no, really i was slaving away at work...full time job and helping my boss with her wedding is CRAZY! kinda makes me smile at the possibility ill one day do it tho. maybe? 

happy love day all. you mean so much to me and i am so lucky to have you in my life :) xoxo

i hope you bought into the hoopla that is valentines day and had fun with it...that is the point afterall!