"if theyre not paying your bills, pay them no mind"

thats a quote from RuPaul. yes, i quoted a drag queen. actually, to be fair, my coworker said this to me and said i should blog it. i was telling him about something that was pissing me off about something a coworker said. he said this quote to me and it immediately made me think of my dad.

my dad was always telling me to do my best, work hard and be proud of yourself no matter what anyone thinks/says/does. in the spirit of the anniversary of my dad's passing i think its nice to be reminded that you just gotta do your thing. so many people arent going to like it...who cares?!

while feb 8th is lousy simply for what it stand for, id like to thank everyone for their calls/emails/texts.
i went to bed after watching some show called "too young to kill". i dont recommend this if you want to dream happy. i had a horrible nightmare...i dreamt my roomie janine, my mom and i were kidnapped and help captive (ironically by another good friend from high school). we attempted to escape by taking cell phones to the bathroom he had us followed. WHAT THE HECK?! i think i need to reevaluate the friendship i thought i had with this kid...haha, jk.

i should have just gone to bed after my phone call with aunt martha. i dont think anyone has a nightmare after laughing about fun memories. i prayed last night to dad...it brought a tear to my eye. i think he heard me. it was a good prayer. still makes me sad that hes not here with me, but aunt M as you helped me realize, hes up there watching over me making sure itll be ok :) xoxo