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my PSA

id like to take a second to point out something: the magic of friends is real. i knew this of course, but was reminded it of earlier this week.

ever since i met up with ali on tuesday night i have felt SO much better. we talked through so much stuff and caught up on all the little things. the cool thing about our group of friends is that we genuinely think each other is amazing. i always leave them feeling confident, happy and light.

its fun that ali and i can talk about anything. anything. and its special to know that she looks at me and truly believes in me. i do the same to her. whether its work, boys, life, girl issues, personal issues or all of the above, i feel incredibly lucky to know shes there. no matter what.

i cant believe february 8th marks 4 years since my life changed forever. so surreal.

thank you to my friends and family who keep me sane (debatable) on a daily basis. youre all magic in my life :)


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march madness

i have come to find the madness of life happens far beyond march. that said, when we really think about it, lifes madness is a gift, right? i mean that in a "take the good with the bad" kind of way, not so much that i love the madness.

i live in madness. all the time. i love so many things about NYC - but sometimes, those same things are the things that sending me screaming into my pillow or heading out of town at a moments notice.

take this past weekend. i had had enough of NYC - sleepless nights, work stress and a nagging running injury. it was one of my best childhood friends birthdays, so i hopped on a train for a 3.5 hour ride to newport for an incredible night filled with endless prosecco and bread, birthday cake and wonderful memories and laughs, i returned to NYC 24 hours later (after a 5 hour wi-fi less ride) a better person. sure, the ride back was brutal - but the sore abs and messy hair reminded me that it was exactly what life is about.

madness, baby. may it las…

break a sweat - even when youd rather do ANYTHING but.

there is only one way to begin the difficult journey of the holiday sugar detox: break a sweat. 

miraculously i didnt miss a day over the holidays to break a sweat -- but that really just means i got up extra early or ran when people were napping (i.e. full and feeling gross) so not all of my holiday miles or squats were pretty. or felt particular good.

BUT, i laced up and got out there -- or followed along to a dailyburn workout. i kept telling myself i could slow down or take it easier, but shit, im doing a workout.

so basically, what they say is true. no matter how slow you go, youre still lapping everyone on the couch. go get in a good sweat, then reward yourself with some couch time :)