Monday, February 13, 2012

my PSA

id like to take a second to point out something: the magic of friends is real. i knew this of course, but was reminded it of earlier this week.

ever since i met up with ali on tuesday night i have felt SO much better. we talked through so much stuff and caught up on all the little things. the cool thing about our group of friends is that we genuinely think each other is amazing. i always leave them feeling confident, happy and light.

its fun that ali and i can talk about anything. anything. and its special to know that she looks at me and truly believes in me. i do the same to her. whether its work, boys, life, girl issues, personal issues or all of the above, i feel incredibly lucky to know shes there. no matter what.

i cant believe february 8th marks 4 years since my life changed forever. so surreal.

thank you to my friends and family who keep me sane (debatable) on a daily basis. youre all magic in my life :)

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