muscle soreness is ruling my life

so here we are: 6 months away from the marathon. whaat! that shit cray!
it hit me this AM that im really running a marathon. like, really running one. not thinking about it, not sorta talking about how cool it would be. no! actually fucking running a marathon. i think im going to be sick.

no, just kidding. im actually super psyched about it. there has just been one tiny issue, and by tiny i mean huge pain in my ass. muscle soreness. i mean crazy, over the top, really inflamed muscle soreness. i can feel the inflammation on my legs. eek!!

as a means to survive the soreness ive been absolutely bathing my legs in icy hot. yea, i smell awesome. im also trying to roll out the muscles with my roller and going to bed with heat pads on my legs. just in case you forgot, cause i did, im 28. jesus!!

anyway, freaking out a little. a marathon! yikes!!


rach said…
yea, the soreness sucks, but thats your muscles tearing and then rebuilding to be able to run faster and stronger! You will be great next fall, but in the meantime, hope they feel better :)