may 1

god i have to start blogging more.

so, sad news. i didnt get into the nyc marathon this year. good news is that i registered for the philly marathon. yay stubbornness!

so, the countdown has official day of running hell is NOVEMBER 18th. kind of a cool way to celebrate turning 29!

spent this past weekend in beantown with the girls. i have the best BEST FRIENDS in the world. it was completely necessary to get out of the city and spend a few days with a few of my fave people. while we were at dinner one night ordering a bottle of wine, steaks, salads and fried potatoes i found myself smiling at just how much were adults. here we are, collectively living in the coolest cities in the world (nyc, boston and chicago) and weve figured out how to travel to see each other, savor amazing meals, get "cocktails" and fucking rock it out. this is life, and were doing it!

i love these girls so much. our friendship has trumped over 20 years, with everything from the deaths of 2 of our dad, to kicking ass as varsity athletes. the ease i feel with these girls is like nothing else.

ok so im going to go relax for the night, but more updates tomorrow. ive been very bad to my blog lately.