birthday boy!

today is my dads birthday...hed be turning the big 5-9!!!!!! its fucking crazy that even 4 years after he passed away hes still several decades too young to be gone.

my gift to my dad this year was my book. i published it for the world to read. its not perfect but i so excitedly and desperately wanted to tell his story that i shared it despite knowing that. its hard for me to acknowledge that i am sharing it with everyone despite imperfections, but as someone who is crazy self critical i know i could easily spend the next 10 years editing it and still not be done. its his birthday, dammit, and i wanted to make it special.

dad, i hope youre reading it. i hope youre smiling/laughing/crying/bawling like the rest of us. i will admit that its a pretty powerful read, one that i hope youre proud of. lets face it, youre missed so much everyday and so fondly remembered by so many. i love you more than i ever thought was possible, even for us. i miss you so much and think about you so often. youre still the best dad, forever and always.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most amazing guy ive ever known. youre the greatest guy dad. simply the best.