nyc doesnt have june gloom

im obsessed with nyc. the crazy, hurried people, the seizure-inducing lights, the starbucks laden 15 hour days we put our bodies through. i think its perfectly fitting that i found my inner happiness and calm in the most hectic, mad city in the world.

when i was in la, everyone complained about june gloom (in la. land of sun. wimps)
here, in magical nyc, noone says it. sure, its mother fucking hot, but as bad as things get, as hot and muggy and gross as things get, its still nyc. and we live here. and were fucking psyched about it.

while im not shy about my love for new york, i dont plan on it being home forever. (granted, im living proof that you cant plan shit). my "plan" is to fall in love, continue to build a life and career and lead a fairly simple life. ive got a few bucket list items (hello marathon! paris!) but otherwise, just want to continue to be happy and spend time with people i love.

but holy hell, i cant believe its already july. its funny, i dont want to hurry summer along AT ALL, but ive got a pretty cool kid coming in 2 months and id like that to hurry up!

alright america, happy birthday. you look good...not a day over 30. well done :)