youre really coming through bro

ive looked up to my brother my whole life. i mean, whats not to love; hes older, hes stronger, he has cute friends and he loves to hang with me.

most recently he signed up to run the philly marathon with me. for the better part of the past 7 years weve done various races together of various distances. since the passing of our dad theyve only become more special.

i received a text from big B the other day just making sure i was safe in lieu of the empire state building shooting. it meant so much to me.

ive been a lucky little sister for the past 28 years. thanks bro for always being such an inspiration to me and a real example of a stellar dude. i am counting down to what i already know will be a spectacular weekend in philly. cant wait to make some memories. in the meantime, texts, chats and emails spoil me rotten. i love you so much!!

love, little G