13a midtown manhattan

home is a hell of a lot sweeter these days. our new roomies are in, unpacked and getting comfy. its been so much fun hanging out with them...i LOVE them. its sad that its not sad our old roomies are gone.

we hired a pro to deep clean the apt...she spent all day making it sparkle. (LITERALLY. ALL.DAY). our old roomies had been in an ongoing stand off for the last few months on who could give less of a shit. so, yea, that was cool. however, it now smells like roses and i no longer fear getting the type of fugal infection they only see in the depths of south african rainforests. yes, it was that bad. and for $40 id say it was money WELL spent. 

hmm, lets see, where are we with the important countdowns:
- BK is here in 10 days. or is it 9 days? fuck, one of those.
- marathon in 3 months minus 3 days. yea, you do the math on that one, im tired