had a great cry tonight. i dont know what it is about the movie "the last song" but it gets me every time. wait, what am i saying? the whole dad dying thing hits so close to home that it crushes me every time. look, i know its miley cyrus, but try to look past that. also, greg kinnear reminds me a teeny bit of my dad. must be the good-looking awesomeness.

god i really miss my dad. i feel like i havent really talked about it in a while. my cry tonight felt especially fantastic for a few reasons:

- things have been so weird/stressful at work and i kept thinking that the one dude that would be so loving my phone calls was my dad
- the feeling of needing to cry has been felt at the back of my throat for a few weeks now. i do a hell of a job being strong, but sometimes i just cant be bothered with that and feel the need to let the wall come down.

all i know is this: the cry felt good, but it reminded me how much i miss him. it reminded me of the fragility of life, something i was already all too well aware of. it reminded me that there isnt anyone like my dad. and all of that is ok, but its just a lot to remember :)