happy august! started the month off right...with a 9.5 mile run (although i clocked in on mapmyrun.com and it said 10.5 miles) soooooooooooooooooooooooo. lets go with that. my ipod isnt calibrated and am pretty sure its retarded. it did clock the official philly marathon at 21 or so miles so its def off.

its a super crummy, chilly day in nyc. (hi mother nature its still summer. please continue to act like it). heading to a fun nike event tonight for run club. cant wait to report back.

went to happy hour yesterday with a few faves on the rooftop of the sanctuary hotel. every once in a while its nice to let the hair down, relax and not be running/hitting the gym/in running shorts ;) ha. weve been told we look like charlotte and carrie from SATC. we will take it :)