summer 2013

i cant believe its already labor day this weekend...WHAT?! the end of august is upon us. how did this happen? they say time flies, even more so as you get older and they are right. at the ripe old age of 3-months-shy-of-30 time FLIES. fucking flies. (sorry im not sorry for the swearing).

summer has been pretty great. and by pretty great i mean doing all the simple things that i love have been fucking great. really really amazingly fucking great. beach trips, cookouts, running, training and races, movies, lazy weekends, raging nights out, bestie sleepovers and lots of has all been great.

looking ahead (even though i dont want to) there is some fun stuff being lined up for this fall/winter. ive got a few races in the coming months (the marathon, obvs), a 30th bday, and a trip or two with my best friends ( we NEVER take vacations or days off ever)! oh, if you  havent checked it out in a while, please help support my charity efforts for team water for people and the ING new york city marathon!

and, on that note, the US OPEN started today. i was grocery shopping yesterday and ran into this handsome cat. andy murray is pretty hot.