in need of a colorful pick-me-up?

who isnt, right!? well, i came across these:, and ordered one. they are organic cotton bracelets based on a 200-year-old brazilian tradition. you make three wishes before tying one on; its believed that when the bracelet naturally falls off, your wishes will come true!! they are only $5, so i am super excited to get one!! :) once i get it, ill let you know how it is/looks/fits, etc.

i found myself laughing this morning remembering funny things in south carolina. it was ironic that aaron and i were in such a "water town" (i mean hilton head is an island and therefore surrounded by water) cause we both hate seafood. we kept getting recommendations for these crazy-ass intense seafood restaurants (by the front desk lady who just really loved us....she was cute!!). we just kept being like "yea, it sounds amazing...but eww!!!!!".

ok, must get back to work. more updates (and funny things) later!