Guest Blogger

I wanted to switch things up and have my mom do a little "guest blog" post. She
and I are together all the time and I wanted her to feel a part of this. I didnt tell
her what to say, I just wanted her to type anything. Im hoping to force this on her every
once in while...hehe. So, enjoy her post.

I'm really not good at this..but here goes.
Blogging reminds me of old fashioned journals.
I never had one, but aren't they supposed to
be extra secret. Now everyone gets to read how
you feel about stuff. I still have a few secrets that
no one, trust me no one will ever read about.
But about Hilary, that's an easy one. I can write about
her I am a very proud parent and have to admit enjoy reading
her blog, even though I live it too. We work together so I get everything
first hand. No editing, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Carry on Hilary. You keep blogging and I'm keeping my mouth shut....


love the guest blogger!keep making an appearance susie!! love to hear from you cute :)