you ready?? i mean really, you might want to sit for this......

ok...but i warned you.

i got a bill today, in the form of an email, for south carolina. haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to say, against all better judgment, i thought hed have more class than that. hed like me to pay his company $222. i wasnt sure whether to laugh, cry, get mad, or just be silent. it knocked the wind out of me for a bit, i will say, but this is a great way to end "us." definitely gives me a great story.

id love to know your thoughts...ive gotten great advice/thoughts from MOM (poor thing has to be with me and hear it all/help me everyday!), drew, rachel, gamma and i want to thank them. you are so amazing, and i am so lucky to have you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and all those of my family and friends!!!) XOXO!!!

ill write more on this later...ill post his email....cause i know youll want to read it. (or really, i just want to share it with you all...haha!!!) and i will be sure to share my response when i email him back!!!!!