Dad's Birthday This Year!

it just so happens that the SF half marathon (one of daddios face cities) is on his birthday this year (fate?). so, a bunch of us were planning on running it. i have begun to recruit friends out west as well...i want this to be a HUGE event....

just yesterday i was checking out the SF marathon/half marathon page, and noticed you can create a team if we want! or no need, if it gets complicated. either way, i want to totally raise some money (my initial goal is set at $1000)! i wasnt sure how to best start this process...ideas have included sending out an email, facebook messages, word-of-mouth (use it for a good cause...hehe), etc. i jsut want to get as many people as possible on team kelley!

i think we should totally make tshirts!!! that way we really are a team. we have 4 months...i really want to get serious. and i want to make him so proud.

ok, let me know YOUR thoughts :):):) thanks fam :)