dun dun dun...

im ususally pretty secretive when it comes to myself. i do all sorts of things that i try to keep quiet for a variety of reasons. maybe because i like outcomes and results and want to keep it quiet just how hard i work at things. regardless, i thought id share the following:

i sent a publisher some things yesterday. i sent a proposal (oh yea, all official!!), and the title page, along with a few "chapters." im not expecting to move mountains....oh wait, yes i am. i am expecting her to love it like i do. why else would i send it?! i am expecting her to want to publish it (with some edits, obviously!). my expectations are high, because, well, im damn proud of my "book" and am not afraid to hear "NO" if she indeed says it. i wrote it for me, and if others like it, thats all bonus.

she should get it thursday, so ill be sure to forward on any information i get from her.


sooooooooooo exciting!!! cant wait to hear what happens!