hi dad!

i totally got visited by dad. for a few days, out of the blue, my windshield wipers were out of whack. i am talking totally freaking out. the front would either be on, or the back ones. i COULD NOT turn them off. drew and rachel can attest, it was the fucking weirdest and funniest thing!! just the other day, it stopped. they are now working perfectly fine. haha, i know i had been talking to dad so much recently and i know it was him. i know it!!

also, the other morning a bright yellow bird flew into moms window and landed on her balcony. it hopped around, looked inside, and eventually flew away. it was dad again!! it just has to be. birds, especially not bright happy birds, are around yet. its tooo early in the season.

thanks dad. we needed a visit. it felt like it had been toooo long. i really love and miss you. XOXO