the city that never sleeps

here i come NYC!
i am heading to nyc this weekend for a much needed getaway. there are some really fun plans in the works, so i cant wait to share pictures with everyone.

3 weeks and counting until we are no longer at aZura. i feel like i am at a place where i am ready to get my energy back and head out into the big, bad world. i cant imagine doing it any sooner than now, to be totally honest. im getting my strength back, and i cant wait to go and party with friends and get totally wasted, crash on couches, flirt with everyone, dance on tables and walk the city with amazing people. oh, and continue to train for the race in july, as well as life, try not to get toooooooo fat, and work hard at a new job. yep, its going to be a lot. its going to be crazy. but im pretty supported. its insane. im taking it a day at a time...starting with this weekend. im going to gauge just how much i fit in. fingers crossed!!!

oh and i went to the dermatologist today...lets hope i will finally rid myself of my horrible skin issue within the next 4-6 weeks. gooooooooood riddance!! (i blame a certain boy.....hehe.....)

ta ta! happy tuesday!!
cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers to a beautiful week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!