happy (belated) Good Friday and happy (early) Easter bloggies!!!

i hope everyone had a great week, and is planning on enjoying a candy-filled,
family-filled, egg hunt-filled easter!! i sure am, as mom, gamma and i are
loading up the car to head down to see drew, rachel and emmitt.

the weather was great yesterday, crap today, so hopefully tomorrow will
be nice again. i heard that its supposed to be, so lets hope so.

and, drew, hopefully you made reservations for somewhere. (haaaaa!!!!!
it was sooo great talking to you the other day, and laughing about such
funniness. i love you!)

i hope my family is enjoying being together in IL. aunt m, i hope your flight
was good, and the weather holds up for you guys!

yesterday we took a look at the florida pics. they were great!! it was such
fun seeing everyone celebrate babu's 80th(!?!??!)...the weather and the beach
and the houses...everything looked beautiful. and my moms fish was the biggest!!!
GO MOM!!! i am soo soo soo proud of you!