10 things to say to your mom (after happy mothers day, of course)

in honor of mothers day coming up in about 3 weeks, i thought this post was appropriate:

1. thanks for the orthodontia

2. the card is in the mail. sorry its late, and yes, im still a procrastinator in spite of everything you did to help with that

3. sure, i cried every morning at day care, but im so proud of your career

4. the clothes you wore in the eighties - where are they? and dont be hurt when i call them vintage

5. my sex life is satisfying and safe, and you dont need details

6. im moving back in! haha, just kidding

7.  the crazy rules i fought at age 16? thanks for sticking by them

8. ...oh, and a general apology for that whole year. ok, decade

9. its all your fault i just spent $100 on organizing bins at the container store

10. and hey, mom, hows your crazy week going?

mom, i love you so much. you deserve more than one day a year. thank you for being my mom. i am such a lucky, lucky girl. xoxo