hey, its ok!

...to spend twice as much for the coca-cola in the little old-fashioned bottle.

...to consider driving with the windows down an effective hair-drying method.

...to actually use the coupons your mom sends you.

...to take great pleasure in telling guys to "man up." (because we women? we "up" everday).

...to secretly care if your name comes first in the CC list on a group email. not that it matters, right? right?!

...to to bummed its almost toenail maintenance season. (not me! i loooove pedicures!!!!)

...to never really know what to do with a name tag. if youre wearing strapless, does it go on your skin?

...to like fruit after a meal but be clear that its not dessert. pie is dessert. cake is dessert. kiwis are not.


Cathy said…
Love your Hey, it's ok lists! Keep them coming...
Cathy said…
Love your hey, it's ok lists! Keep them coming...