you know you miss your dad when...

a miley cyrus movie can make you cry. here i was flipping channels last night and NOTHING was on. really, whats up with sunday night tv?! anyway, i saw "the last song" was on. ive heard i remind people a teensy bit of miley so i wanted to check it out. plus i kinda love her song "the climb" so i was sold.

holy shit. this may sound crazy naive (maybe i should have read the description of the movie) but i had no idea it was about her dad dying. yiiikes.

i cried. it was a good cry. but i cried. during a miley movie. it kinda made me want to have a boy love me that much too. not having dad here has been hitting me pretty hard lately. first, fathers day is coming up. his birthday is coming up. fun summer months are here. i have a crazy crush on a boy and id LOVE to talk to him about it.

its one of those things where the tears were there and i was holding them back for a while and all i needed was something as silly as a miley cyrus movie to help me let it go. its kind of a great feeling to tear up when youre alone watching a movie on a sunday night. its kinda peaceful. oddly refreshing. but im bummed guys. i really miss my buddy. he was simply the greatest.