blonde road trip!!

how many blondes does it take to pump gas? apparently, more than two!

a few days ago my mom and i decided to road trip it to king of prussia mall, about an hour away. we have our spot where we always go to go to the bathroom. this time was no different, but my mom also wanted to get gas. we parked, and took care of the bathroom situation first. then, we got in the car and drove to the pump (about 100 yards away). we got out, and as she went to the nozzle, i went inside to get sodas and gum. i came out to my mom cracking up. and by that i mean "susie kelley laughing", totally hilarious!! i started cracking up and she said i needed to reverse the car, as she pulled too far ahead. easy enough. (oh if only....)

we went to put in the nozzle and it did not fit. we were hysterical so i figured it was just us not being able to control ourselves and was meant to do this and we just needed to press harder. she was laughing too hard, so i tried. i could not understand why we were struggling so much (as we are pretty able people, and pumping gas is not exactly rocket science) so i gave up on the damn thing. a man then came over and asked if we were meaning to pump diesel gas into our car. holy shit, what was that!?!??!?!?!? in this particular case, the diesel nozzle was not placed separately from the rest, so we did not realize that was why it did not fit. so, long story short, we pumped 75 cents of diesel gas into our car before realizing this and starting over.

haha i have to be honest, i am still laughing about this. it was one of the funniest moments i have ever experienced. there is never a dull moment when my mom and i are together and her laugh and attitude are so damn fun that its moments like these and people like her that make life worth living. (and i am pretty sure we provided that stranger a story for his friends later...)

that said, can someone please explain to me the difference between regular and diesel gas. at the time i did not have the heart to ask. felt dumb enough, and we wanted to jet out of there!! haha...

and yes, i agree. my mom and i should take our act on the road...hahahahahahahaha.... :):)