sounds of childhood

have you ever wished you were 12 again? probably not forever, but maybe for a day?

while i was walking down the street to mail a letter an ice cream truck drove by me. i thought i heard the familiar jingle, but not until i turned around did i see the truck. who knew they still had those!?!?! i actually did not know that they were still around. as my brother and i reminisced, we laughed about how we probably would not buy anything from them nowadays as you can get so much more for your money at the grocery store or actual ice cream place, and it can not be the cleanest ice cream, right?! haha. but it got me thinking...

sometimes i miss the good ol' days when we played outside until it got dark and mom and dad had to shout for us to come home. a time when you really earned those showers, what with dirt-filled nails, graveled feet and chlorine hair. the days when it was ok to get sunburned and not reapply sunscreen every 5 minutes. a time without the thought of bills, laundry or gas prices, when the biggest dilemma was which boy i was in love with, and what amusement park ride we should ride next. when kick the can, soccer games, capture the flag and truth or dare were highlights of my day. just thinking back to all the things that made life fun. it was the simple things. a time when we were riding bikes way before there was an ozone problem. i could go on forever, as i really want to thank my family and friends for the most amazing childhood ever. (and even now, as they and i are all paving our way still...thank you. you are making my adult life even better. i only hope i impact you the same way.)

here is to bringing back that mentality! here is my toast to living life with the fondness and ease of a kid, the ambition and responsibility of an adult and all the laughs, memories, tears and craziness along the way.