ready, set, go

at any given time, i have about a million thoughts and ideas in my head. those who know me, know this all too well...haha!! ive decided, at the suggestion of my aunt (thats you aunt martha!!) to start a blog. nothing serious, nothing too crazy, just a personal space where i can vent and release some of what is going on in my head. maybe that will help me with my ADD...but probably not, haha, as im sure to just fill it will other things :)...what can i say, it runs in the family.

im totally new to this blogging thing, but i love to write and think this is going to be so fun! i am so excited you all get to follow me on my blog as i chat about all sorts of things...please chime in with any and all of your thoughts and ideas and jokes and everything!!!! thisll be a family thing!

so, here we go...