thank you

just want to take a minute to say how proud of my mom and brother i am. really, i love and am proud of all my family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) but these two deserve a special shout out. (my dad belongs at the top of this too, and i want to honor him by saying how much i love and miss him every day. life will never be the same without you dad, but we will be strong for you!). PS, for those in the know, doesnt my dad look great in that top pic!! my mom and him are SO ADORABLE! i will be adding more posts for my dad, as i learn to move forward and come to terms with it all. i will add pictures from all stages of his life. and pray to god i can snag a man like him...hahaha.

first of all, dre dawg you kick ass. my god. you are getting your MBA and graduating with honors. all the while balancing a full time job (which, by the way you kick ass at) and being an amazing brother, son and husband. i mostly know the brother stuff, but i know the others are true. haha.

and mom. my best friend. im so lucky to have the most amazing woman on my team, playing captain with me. haha. we make an amazing duo...and i thank you for your strength, confidence, and energy. i only hope i provide the same.

to you both, thank you. for so many things. for everything. for putting up with me. for laughing with me. and crying. and remembering to stop and smell the roses. for being my family. for being you. im so excited for our lives and am so lucky to share everything with you guys. forever wildcats!! (haha, random, but i wanted to say that)

i love you guys!!!!


Drew said…
Thanks for the shout out...the MBA is in honor of you, Mom, Dad, Rachel and everone else who supported me. So it's a shared goal. Summa cum laude has a nice ring to it though, doesn't it?