the best parts of debate #3...

moments like the one to the right!!
the debates this election have been pretty uneventful, aside from all the fun the media is having mocking sarah palin. i, for one, LOVE debates and economic talk, but even as a girl who has studied economic policy for years, they are boring me!!!!!!! last night proved that mccain is a big baby. he needs to learn how to control his emotions. actually, you know what, i take that back. the guy just needs to stop trying to be president. he is 72...pleeeeasse, j. mac go enjoy your houses and cars and relax! you dont need to be president. leave that up to people that have the energy to do it, and have people backing them that are NEVER going to utter the phrase "gosh darn" in public. we are the united states, and we need to show the world why. this picture is the period at the end of the sentence stating why you, mccain, need to wave your white flag to obama.