kelley girls back in action!

sleep?! whats that!? mom and i have had a very full few weeks...putting in some 60+ hour weeks. for the first few days of painting we went home with pink paint in our hair and all over our clothes and shoes. haha!! it has been hysterical painting the walls (um, they are 14 foot um, yea try and picture that!!!!), acid-washing the floor (um, hello acid is crazy and our floor was steaming!!) and the insane job of organizing thousands of products. good lord! but, i am so happy to be back working with my sidekick. (aaaaand, there are adorable boys everywhere...from the property manager, to the facilites manager), so we are having a great time. its been tough though, and we are working 7 days a week.

the other night (perfectly freezing and pouring rain) a work friend and one of my good guy friends went to see quarantine. nothing ends a long day at work better than a rabid-infested zombie movie!! haha. anyone seen it?! it was fun cause my guy friend is a baby when it comes to scary movies (me too a little, as i think everyone is) and was hysterically funny on the way home. he was freaking out cause there was so much fog, and my explanation of it being 1am, wet, rainy and cold wasnt helping him.

hmm, just wanted to say hi to Nikki and Lacy! HI GIRLS!!!!

ok, back to work!!! haha


hey hil
wow wow wow, you and ur mom hav been bustin ur asses!! cant wait to see what u guys hav done w the place! are u talking often to lacy? did she hav any good advise for raising money thru racing? im sooo up for that!! would LOVE to help out with that any way i could...obviously drew would too! love you :)