meet lacy

mom told me about this blog that was in the newest CJD newsletter. i had not read it yet, but she was eager to share this with me. her name is lacy and she lost her dad to sporadic CJD in october of 2007. you can read all about her on her blog: she has the same ideas we all do for wanting to spread the word and raise money. after reading her blog i felt so connected to her, i emailed her. i am looking forward to learning more about her and her story, as i hope you all enjoy her blog as well.


i checked out her blog, might write to her later too...totally inspirational huh? i havent trained for a marathon in a few yrs...dunno if im still up to it tho hehe. would be nice to do sometime...
Cure CJD said…
Hi Hilary - I lost my mom to sporadic CJD in August 2007. I hope you and your family are healing and finding more peace every day. If you ever want to "talk", just drop me a line.

Take care - Nikki my personal e-mail