bring on the cane and arthritis meds

omg so i am officially inside the month countdown until i turn 25?! JESUS! how in gods name did that happen?! id like to go back to campdowhatyouwant at john gardners tennis ranch, being 16 and learning how to drive, turning 21 and realizing i really can drink that much and survive (sorta, right mom!!!! hahaha), or when i was a teeny little tot with my blonde girls and grumpy 'tude. but 25?!!? NO!

haha, ok in all seriousness i really am happy to be getting older. i love knowing what i like, what i dont, and not being shy about saying what i think. whether it be clothes, politics, entertainment, jobs, friends, boys or life in general, i love having an opinion and knowing that even if its not the same as everyone else's, its mine, and its enough. i like being able to assert myself and feel like i have something to say no matter the situation. i love being educated and smart about the world. i like being financially independent to make decisions, regardless how frivilous. i love knowing who my true friends are, who loves me and who i love. while getting older is so strange, its great.

but honestly 25?! how the hell did i turn 25?!?!? that number looks and sounds so strange. wow.