me, flick and ken

so the three of us decided to brave the "lancaster club scene" and go to this exclusive after party...HA!! we were shocked to see how many tweens (white, i might add) want so bad to either be gothic, whores, rock stars, emo, or punk rockers. um, ok, well i give an A for effort. it was the craziest sight...felt like urban outfitters, american apparel, hot topic and every tacky store ever threw up and this was the mess it created. now i LOVE urban outfitters, and love seeing what people put together. but i just cant explain what i saw. EEK! sooo, long story short, we had a blast taking pictures of ourselves all over lancaster just being goofy. please enjoy...
(sorry no pictures of all the craziness we was freaky! and i didnt want to take pics of weird kids that, to be quite honest, scared me)...and i usually LOOOVE unique looks.