thank GOD its friday

no really. im not sure id make it another day this week.

lets start from the top. it was a really long/busy day at the office. ill save my office bitching for later (it is, afterall, friday, and theres cooler stuff to talk about). i headed home and grabbed some grub while trying my darndest to look decent to hit the bar. i got peer pressured into hitting the town last night (thats my story and im sticking to it), so i couldnt say no.

basically, nyc really doesnt sleep. its normal to be at a bar until 4am, 7am...hell, you could probably sleep there if you asked. im sure itd be the least weird question theyve ever gotten!

janine, richard and i headed into town to a bar called the breslin. its pretty amazingly awesome. its attached to a hotel/lounge and another bar on the other side...basically adjoining cooool bars. we stayed in the middle, and grabbed seats at the table...HUGE community table where tons of people were hanging out/chatting/eating. richard ordered bottle service and we got to drinking. it was a blast!

at one point a dark haired guy approached by asking about our drink of, last night. we entertained him and chatted for a while. he was cute and fun. i had a thing for one of his friends, so we all got to chatting and had  a ball.

at some point during the night i noticed that there was a photo booth on the other side of the room. whaaat??! i dont think i have been that excited in a long time (jk, i literally get that excited all the time. its kinda silly). sadly, it was broken. but, this bar has officially become a place where we are planning to be prepared to see photo booth pics in the near future!!

anyway, i would really love a nap. like, i hope i make it home today. eek!
working a full day on 3 hours of sleep is just rough. ahhh well, its why i live here :) ha!

ta ta.


Anonymous said…
sounds like a great time last night...hope you got that cuties #, or at least email...thankfully it is Friday and a full day of nothing but relaxing is waiting for you tomorrow!