Tuesday, February 22, 2011


today is day 8 of work (the 6th day of me being on my own). id like to think i do a good job. i know i work hard and do my best...and as my dad always said, thats all i can do.

i am meeting with HR today to discuss perm positions. i was hired as a temp, but i want to explore perm opportunities. i think i fit in, and could do a really good job. fingers crossed. of course updates will come later today.

weekend was great with mom, drew, uncle dwight, aunt kathie and crew. didnt sleep enough and ate too much...but i loved every minute of it. of course we would have killed for the spring weather we had a few days ago, but alas, it was about 2 degrees.

it snowed yesterday. what?!?!? stop! winter, you are over. please move on.
i think its supposed to be a pretty chilly, gross week. awesome.

in other news i have got to go. im getting ADD and need to get back to work. bye bye

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ps. I really like the new background :) rach