Tuesday, February 22, 2011

one of my own

hey its ok!

...to love sporting yoga pants whenever possible, and not at all loving actually doing yoga. i think my dad ingrained it in my head that working out is running, or the like. i think my bro shares my opinion on this.

...to not feel like yourself until youve worked out. running, sweating, or lifting weights makes me feel good, and helps me earn and keep my self esteem. i think its so important to do what you need to do for yourself. i LOVE to sweat. (too bad work gets in the way, haha)

...to love to be single and independent,...but still want a snuggle buddy on sunday nights

...to need to talk to mom at least once a day...even when you are 27. that goes for all family...i need to text, chat or email friends and family constantly to know they are safe, and find out whats new. either that, or i stop by. have i mentioned how awesome it is to live 3 blocks from my best friend. yea, its kinda great.

...if you and your bestie think dinner is guac and chips with a glass of vino every now and again. its all about balance, right?!

...to realize at the end of the day that you havent ventured outside. or have eaten too much. yep, it happens.

...to sometimes look forward to bad tv. i am guilty of watching the real housewives after a long day at work when i just want to sit back, eat dinner and laugh at stupid crap! it does nothing to make me smarter...and thats exactly the point

...to buy yourself something online every  month or couple months just to say to yourself "job wel done." working hard and living life is tough...you need to treat yourself with presents every now and again. its crucial

...to get really excited when your brother calls just to chat. yea, im still just a little sister who loves her big bro

there are so many things i am grateful for in life. just felt like being a little silly and random and posting little isms that make us who we are. happy reading. ps, is it friday yet?!??!


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Anonymous said...

Yeah you are back to blogging!! woo hoo! i missed you :)

ps, cheers to real housewives of wherever! Love that it proves $$ and plastic surgery can't buy you class, manners, brains or happiness!

love you hil :) Rach