pretty excited about it

friday, that is.
but i gotta tell you, some crazy shit happened this morning.

lets start from the beginning. i got on the subway and was heading uptown. transfered trains as normal (being shoved, pushed and all that nonsenes, per usual). second stop on train we made the usual stop at 14th street/union square. since a zillion people are both trying to get on and off the train at the same time before the door shut, theres a lot of shoving, yelling and all around new-yorkiness as you can imagine. all of a sudden this man half falls between the platform and subway car (his one leg slipped while the other was sorta inside the subway car). i have never heard a woman scream so heniously in all my life. (just to paint the picture, id like to point out that she was about 5', and latino. she was sassy!). anyway, it was pretty scary...and the dude was pretty hurt. he played it off, as subways dont he got pulled back in the car, and off we went.

ok, next stop is 42nd street. i get off (along with about 2.5 million people). yea, its a fun time. haha.
im on the street walking to my office and i come upon a chick laying in the street after JUST being hit by a van. yea. there were about 5 people around was calling 911, one was holding her hand and a few were standing around with their jaws on the floor. realistically, there were about 29389384 people staring...i mean, this was crazy to see. she was in the middle of the street, and as you can imagine, new york drivers do NOT want to slow down or stop. its not that they dont care, but they have places to go. and NOW!

then the work day started :)

soo excited it friday!!!

more life craziness to come. have i told you lately that im OBSESSED with this town.